Mesa County Republican Women was formed in 1944, so we have been an active group for quite some time. We have followed our Mission Statement with enthusiasm, and enjoy working together.  We do try to make campaigning fun and we pride ourselves on being informed on the issues.  Our  meetings are a luncheon at the Double Tree Hotel once a month, almost always scheduled for the first Monday of the month.  We have a speaker or two every month who gives a talk on what is happening in our government, or on one of the important issues of the day.  Believe me when I say they are interesting and enthusiastic.  The meeting is also a place to meet many of our electeds of Mesa County, the State of Colorado, City of Grand Junction and National House and Senate.  We have helped many of our republican candidates to be elected and you become friends.  They appreciate us!

​​The story of Republican women's clubs begins many years before women even had the right to vote. Inspired by the Republican Platform of 1872, which said: "The Republican Party is mindful of its obligation to the loyal women of America for their noble devotion to the cause of Freedom ...,"Republican women’s clubs were off and running. In fact, the oldest such club on record was founded in Salt Lake City in the late 1800s.  To find out more about our history go to the National Federation of Republican Women website   Please Click Here

Our state organization The Colorado Federation of Republican Women is next in our hierarchy. 
CFRW is affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)the largest all-women political organization in the world!

Colorado was among the 1st of 11 states to join NFRW and in 1938 at the age of 31, Joyce Arneill of Denver, Colo., was elected the first president of the Federation, and the organization began to grow. Our strength comes from diversity of opinion, culture and experience and our power from our grassroots political activism.CFRW continues to build a better tomorrow by offering women in Colorado an active organization in which to participate, as volunteers or professionals, at every level of government.The Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) provides an avenue of political involvement for women who share the Republican philosophy. We possess a unique mixture of older and younger members.  
To view the CFRW websit Please click here